In episode two of our second season, I speak with travel writer, journalist, novelist and YA author Emily Barr. We chat about starting new novels during lockdown, publishing a book about a pandemic during a pandemic, writing about scary things to become less scared, and about the happy accidents that led to Emily's prolific and varied writing career. Emily's playful attitude to writing is contagious and her stories are exciting as well as empathic. Her latest YA novel, Things to do Before the End of the World will be out soon and her first thriller We Hear Voices is now out in the US.

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Welcome back for season two of Words in a Time of Lockdown. Episode one is a conversation with poet, short story writer and speaker on black history and rural racism, Louisa Adjoa Parker. We discuss how the Black Lives Matter movement affected her and her work, about the difficulties of intersectionality in the arts world, and her passion for giving voice to marginalised stories. Louisa's energy and honesty makes for rich writing and listening. Click here to view the video mentioned of her poem 'Dear West Country White People.' Louisa's latest short story collection 'Stay with me' is out now, available to purchase from Colenso Books or online retailers.

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Rock Bottom is an audio drama for adults about a small Cornish community readjusting to life after Lockdown 1. 
When an unexpected event happens on a close knit housing estate, surprising allegiances are formed and secrets revealed.
Written by Sarah Connors, directed by Anna Murphy and starring Keith Sparrow , Nina Hills and Connie Crosby , with sound by Phil Innes, Rock Bottom is a story about love, family loyalty and community.

We end Season 1 on a conversation with author of over fifty children's books, Anna Wilson. She is a tutor for Arvon, London Lit Lab and City University London, among so much else! We talk about the part the sea plays in her writing process, working with illustrators and writing during lockdown. Special guest, Nala the dog, at the end.

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In episode two I speak with poet, spoken word artist and rapper Megan Chapman about the arts in Cornwall, opportunities for writers, performing online and stage fright. 

Megan mentions 'A Space to Write' by Amanda Harris and Steve Tanner.

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In this podcast I chat with Man-Booker nominated author, lecturer, and literary consultant Wyl Menmuir about what creativity looked like for him during lockdown, tricks to keep writing at the hardest of times, and how to get to the heart of your book.

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